Saturday, June 27, 2009

David and Neal DeAngelis with Joe DiGiovanni

June 27th, 2009: Sunny and Warm, Water temperature 83* and Clear.
I got out real early and caught bait and went back to High Point to pick up the guys. I was a little concerned about the day due to it not only being the weekend with boat traffic but also we had terrible storms blow through, we had 3 1/2 inchs of rain last night. I started off looking around the marina's for schools of Stripers without seeing anything so I moved on. Saw a few fish so we set up on them just to practice deploying the lines. After a few minutes we moved on looking for fish. I went up into a creek and saw a few more, set up on them with no luck. We got our baits up and proceeded out of the creek and at the mouth I found our first little school. The guys were ready and we put the baits in the fishes faces and the action started. Before long every line was going down with the guys trying to keep up with the action. We caught a dozen before the school moved, not a bad start of the day. We looked for that school on the big motor with no success and found another very small school, set up on them and caught another dozen. We then worked our way uplake looking but for an hour we found nothing. It was 8:30 and the schools had already dissipated. After looking without success I set up in an area where the Stripers pass through and popped a few more singles and that is where Neal caught these two nice Bass, on downlines, 36 feet deep! We hit a few more areas but the fishing was over, boat traffic was up, the wind was blowing , the skies blue and the Stripers lethargic. We were just about out of baits anyway. Today we had over 200 hits, the guys caught about 40 Stripers, a couple of Bass and Catfish, not too bad for a weekend.

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