Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steve, Julie, Ron, Dan and Matt

June 16th, 2009: Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 82* and Clear.
Got out early to catch bait but had some issues and only had about 75 by daylight. Picked up my clients at 5:30 at the dock and went and caught more bait. Found some fish , put the baits in their faces and started catching fish. Hit a couple small schools and put some fish in the livewell. The stripers were fairly spread out today but when we found groups we caught them. Got low on bait and looked for and threw on bait with little success in catching it. We probably set up on 10 different areas today, never locating large schools. We finally hit an area around 1 o'clock when we had only 20 baits left in the tank but got lucky and caught 10 more fish. Today everyone had fun fishing but the most important event of the day was today was one of the last outings Steve and Julie will have with their son Matt before he goes off to Paris Island to join the Marine Corp.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Jim. We had a great time! Hope to see you again soon