Friday, June 19, 2009

Paul, Tom and George Fn Barboza

June 19th, 2009: Partly Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 80*.
Caught bait this morning and picked the guys up at 5:30. Looked around a little and set up on a few fish with downlines over 30 feet of water. Took a couple hits and put 5 quick fish in the boat. George started grumbling at this rate we will be in by 8:30. Well, this is fishing and not always catching, although it appears to easy sometimes the Stripers don't always cooperate. We went looking for some schools but only saw pods of 5 to 20 fish, sometimes I would set up on them and catch a couple, other times I opted to continue looking hoping to trip over larger schools. I burned 22 gallons of fuel today looking for the big schools and never found one. We fished till we ran out of bait at noon, caught 30 Stripers and a couple cats. The guys ended up taking home 15 Stripers for the weekend.
[Hussey called me last night and said he could not make it today and to please not put these guys on any nice fish]

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