Monday, June 22, 2009

David Turnbull and Family

June 22nd, 2009: Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 80* and Clear.
Got out early and caught bait, picked up the family at the State Park Cabin docks. Looked for about 5 minutes for a school of Stripers, found what I wanted to see and set up on the fish. Two and a half hours later we had gone through 250 baits, with that many strikes. We were catching fish so fast I could not keep up with how many we actually caught. Everyone on the boat did a great job of handling the action, Dave especially did well taking fish off and helping in the boat. His helping did not slow him down any, he reeled in as many as anyone. Dave also caught this nice Bass. The Bass came out of 40 feet of water and hit a downline at 30 feet. We were off the water by 9 which was great, it is suppose to get windy and hot. Dave has fish for dinner every night this week on their vacation.


Anonymous said...

Jim, you are the man when it comes to Stripers. We fished across from you this morning for over an hour and watched your customers catch at least 40 fish, we caught 3. We thought we knew how to fish until we watched what happened on your boat.

Anonymous said...

wow, you limited out really quickly! From your website, I see that you stop fishing for stripers, because catch and release for them doesn't work well during the summer.

When that happens, do you mind if your clients go for other fish.... maybe catfish?