Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scott, Mark, John, Hunter, Carter, Scotty

June 10th, 2009: Partly Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 82* and Clear.
Got out early to catch bait but only had 30 by daylight. Picked the guys up and went and caught 200 baits. Started looking for fish around 6:45 and worked a couple areas with little success. Pulled up in a creek and found a school, put baits in their faces and started putting fish in the boat. Worked them for an hour and went looking again. We did the same drill about 8 times today, catching fish in most places. I had to go find bait 2 more times because we were taking so many hits. Today we had 340 strikes, caught 109 Stripers, 5 Catfish, kept 31 and released 78 to fight again another day.

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