Friday, June 26, 2009

Mike, Ace and Billy

June 26th, 2009: Sunny and warm, Water Temperature 83* and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 3:15 and went and caught bait. Started off checking 40' flats at daybreak but did not see what I wanted to so I moved a little shallower and found some fish over 32 ', taught the guys how to put the lines out and took a few hits. They caught a few Stripers and were ready to proceed to working larger schools. Ran to a 34 ' flat, saw some fish and set up on them catching a half dozen then made another move. Found a nice school over 30" and caught 5 or 6 more before the school vaporized. Made a final move to a 40' flat, found a school and finished the morning up there, we came off the water after using up all our baits. The guys did exceptional well this morning, although Ace did have to teach Mike how to catch keeper fish. We all had fun, the guys took home 16 Stripers and released 24 others to fight again another day.

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