Thursday, June 11, 2009

Petersburg High School , W.Va., Teachers....BJ, Jerry, Joe, Brian, Josh and Steve

June 11th, 2009: Partly Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 83*.
Brian, Steve and I went out at 3:15 and caught bait for the day. Picked up the rest of the Teachers at their dock at 5:30 and went looking for fish. Had to get ice for the fish today so we headed downlake , saw numerous fish but went to the marina first for ice. Pulled out of there and looked for a minute, saw fish hugging the bottom then John called me in on some fish he found nearby the marina. We set up on those fish and caught about 8 there before moving on. We fished aggressively till about 9 and my bait was getting poor so we went looking for bait. After 3 hours of looking for bait and schools of fish I simply set up on a flat and pulled it. Caught a few and moved to a 35 foot flat and caught some more. Today the fish never schooled up like they had been on previous days, we just found numerous pods of Stripers and worked them. Fishing was slow for us today, I never counted but Brian thought we caught at least 40 Stripers. The guys kept some to eat and the rest were released unharmed. These were a great bunch of guys, they fished hard and enjoyed the start of their summer vacation.

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