Friday, June 12, 2009

Paul, Jim and Jack

June 12th, 2009: Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 81* and Clear.
Caught bait and picked the guys up at 5:30 at High Point. Hit a few areas with some single fish showing up on the graph and had little success. Kept looking for schools and found a small, loose school and set up on them with 10 downlines and it got crazy quick. After reeling in a few Stripers we looked up and a buzzard who calls himself a guide had moved in on us and attempted to crowd us off the area. We had watched this guy 4 other times pull right into Striper fisherman and we guessed he really needed to catch a Striper to dog us like he did. A friend called on the radio and said he had just moved in on him uplake also and to watch out for him. We had just left uplake and found a place where no other boats were, hoping to be able to work on a school of fish by ourselves. Anyway we continued to catch fish and put numerous fish in the livewell. We made a short move and found another small school and caught 20 fish in less than 10 minutes. I called John in on it and just as soon as he set up other buzzards moved in on him so I relocated again and used up the remainder of the 200 baits that I had caught this morning. The guys had fun this morning, we had beautiful weather , good fishing and was off the water before 11, in time to beat the heat and miss out on the boat traffic. They took home 16 Stripers for the dinner table.
PS...There are hundreds of schools of Stripers on the lake and as many places to fish. Fisherman need to locate the schools of fish on their depthfinder , put your baits in the fishes face and have fun. There is some sense of gratification of finding your own fish and catching them versus finding a boat catching fish and being not only discourteous but un-sportsmanlike, after all there is 9600 acres to fish on Lake Anna.

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Anonymous said...

Man, your client has great taste in sunglasses (Costa) but his guide sure is owly. I saw you out there, right where you should have been this time of year, regular as an ole guy on metamucil. I was showing my neighbor how and where to troll for stripers, and as soon as I saw you, I got as far away as possible, cuz Striper Al don't catch no baby fish.

Love ya. Rock on wid yer bad sef. Striper Al