Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Al, Rick, Dwayne, Steve and Rick

Sunny, Warm and Breezy, Water Temperature 70*.
I got out on the water early to catch bait and picked the guys up at 6:30. There were quite a few striper fisherman out this morning so I simply found a bay where no one was and set out my spread. We pulled over some shallow humps and deeper flats with little success. I hit some other areas still having difficulty getting Stripers to commit to a solid bite, the fish would swirl the baits but would not strike at them. A few times today the fish would briefly turn on but more often than not we had trouble putting the fish in the boat. Numerous times someone would take out a whole side of boards to get 1 fish in the boat [I won't mention your name Al]. These guys are all racing buddies and got along well together on the boat, they had plenty of hook-ups [about 30], plenty of fun and plenty of beer. They kept these fish for dinner and released a bunch more to fight again another day.

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