Tuesday, April 13, 2010

James Rux

Cloudy, Cool, Water Temperature 66* and Clear.
Got up this morning and got the boat ready, pulled out of my driveway at 3:30 and there is a abandoned truck blocking my driveway! I have my wife call the police and I try to find the keys but with no luck. I told the cop that I may be able to back up my driveway and go out over my field and come down a hill to get out, Wrong! I got stuck and had to get my tractor to pull everything out. We went ahead and called a tow truck and had the truck towed away. I got to the lake at 5:15, hung a light and caught bait. I just had 1 person today so I was not pressured in any way, I knew I could get bait sometime and I knew we would catch fish. I set out my usual spread and simply pulled a 2 mile route, caught fish till we ran out of bait. We went and caught more bait, did another pull in a completely different area and caught fish until we ran out of bait so we called it a day. It had turned windy and cold, the temperature had dropped most of the day. We caught 20 nice Stripers today, we kept the smaller better eating fish and released the big ones to fight again another day. I have the same client tomorrow, I probably will go hog hunting.


Unknown said...

That sounds like one of my mornings, tight lines & screaming reels my friends.

Unknown said...


Glad to see you putting those nice largemouth bass back in the lake. Thanks.

Greg Grehawick