Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mike Flynn with guests Bryan, Greg and Doug

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 65* and Clear.
I got out very early to catch bait this morning and it was Tough...I even threw a little after picking up the guys at 6am. I went to where I didn't see any boats and put out my spread of 10 planner boards, a Bobber, 2 free lines and 4 downlines. We did not take a hit the whole time I was deploying the baits and that made me worry if the fishing was going to be as poor today as bait collection was. We had worked about 5oo yards before we got bit, and I believe we had 2 hook up at a time. Once I got hits I tried to keep the boat in the same depth hoping that depth may be the key today for success. We took numerous hits but some of the guys had a little difficulty getting some of the fish in the boat. I continued to work similar depths in different areas taking hits about once every 20 minutes or so until around 10 when the fishing slowed even more. These guys are old friends so the slow action did not dampen their spirits, we all hung in there and had a lot of fun and ended up catching 20 Stripers. We ran out of bait around 1 and called it a day, the guys had some nice fish to take home.

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