Friday, April 23, 2010

Lee, Darlene, Sahria, Pastor Larry

Partly Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 66* and Clear.
Had another tough morning for bait, threw for 3 hours and picked up my crew at 6am. Set up on a flat pulling boards and downlines . It wasn't long into the pull when the furthest board out hooked up and birthday boy Lee jumped on the rod. A couple minutes later he had landed the first fish of the day, a ten pounder [shown holding fish with red jacket on]. Shortly thereafter Dee hopped on a rod and landed a 31 inch Striper. We continued running a route and had hits about once every 15 minutes or so. A freeline went off with the drag screeming and Lee jumped on it, 5 minutes later he landed his 16 pound Striper. We fished till we ran out of bait and went to get pictures taken around noon. I don't think Lee will forget this birthday for quite a while!

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