Wednesday, April 14, 2010

James Rux #2

Cloudy and Cold, East wind, Water Temperature fell to 65* .
We got on the water early this morning to catch bait so we could be fishing at daylight. I ran downlake and set up before a main lake point at the mouth of a creek and worked into the creek about half way. Our baits were getting harassed before I even got half our baits out, fish were running the baits to the surface but not committing to taking the bait. On the main point we hooked up to one and boated it but continues to get messed with. I pulled half the creek and boated only 4 fish, we had to go. Since I had Jim out yesterday and he had caught so many fish today I was looking for a big fish. I was concerned that the fish were not feeding due to the way they were messing with the bait along with the east wind. I knew this creek had some gorillas in it but they would not feed. I relocated to another area and put out my spread again, but the fish were still lethargic and we were not taking many hits. There was no rhyme or reason where the fish would bite therefore I could not establish a definite pattern today. I kept seeing nice fish on my Lowrance and knew I was on decent fish but for an hour we went fishless. I noticed a bait getting real nervous and knew a Striper was simply messing with the bait, it worked the bait for 75 yards before it finally hooked up. Jim grabbed the rod and the next thing I knew both the drag and Jim were screaming. While he was wrestling the big fish in a board went off with another fish. We boated the big fish and Jim reeled the other fish in also. I took a picture of him holding his fish and released it back into the lake. We had accomplished what we had set out to do this morning, to catch a nice Striper. Although the conditions were tough today with the cold front passing and the east winds we ended up catching 13 very nice Stripers and releasing them back to the lake to fight again. Our day ended when some fool in a gray Bass boat with a walk-through windshield ran over our lines. He had 3/4 of a mile to go around us but insisted in running through my spread. Go Figure!

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