Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joey Epson with guests Clay, Nick and Jeffrey

Cloudy, rain, wind getting up in the afternoon, Water temperature 66* and Clear.
It being a weekend I got out on the water early and hung four lights. I guess it wasn't early enough, when I came around the corner and looked up at a bridge it looked like a airport runway with so many lights. Anyway bait was tough again this morning but I ended up with a hundred pieces. We set up on a main lake ridge and pulled it all day, dodging Bass boats [obviously there were tournaments today.] Fishing was SLOW to start, we did not get the first fish in for a couple hours, but after that we started taking hits about once every 15 minutes till noon, then the bite simply turned off. We continued to get strikes but the Stripers would not take the baits from the head. We actually reeled in a couple of Stripers and when they got to the boat you could see the fish holding on to the back third of the bait, releasing the bait when it saw the boat. Today was a birthday party for Joey, he turns 14 on Monday and his dad wanted to treat him to the fishing trip. Jeffrey is the person with the tall guy with the black jacket on, he wanted to let everyone know that he reeled in the biggest fish of the day. I told him I would not tell anyone that he had 10 Stripers hooked up today and lost them before we could net them. These were a great bunch of guys, they all had fun, we had 30 hook-ups today and they had some Stripers for Dad to clean this evening. Joey is pictured with a nice Buck that he harvested this year.

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