Friday, April 09, 2010

Jeff, Goose, "The Angry Coach" and Senior

Cloudy then Blue bird skis, Cool, Water Temperature dropped to 67*.
Hit the water early to catch bait this morning and picked the guys up at 6. Set out my spread of 15 lines and pulled deeper water this morning than I had been working due to the cold front that blew through last night. I expected fishing to be slow today but hoped I could put the guys on some decent fish. The first couple hours of the day we only got hits about once every 20 minutes or so but the fish were very nice Stripers. We worked a large area and caught fish on downlines and boards. The action slowed so I tried to go catch some fresh bait but did not have much success. By now the wind was howling and I set up in the mouth of a creek but after pulling a mile I got the baits in and tried another pattern. I think we could have done well there but by now we were getting at least 20 mph gusts which made it hard to keep the baits at the right depths. I knew the front had taken its toll when we caught a half a dozen Catfish in a row, the Stripers had shut down and the Kitty's were eating. [Stripers won't let the Cats eat when they are feeding this time of year] If the Cats and wind wasn't enough when we were reeling our baits in at the end of the day 2 "Special Police" pulled beside to check out our boat and our catch. They were very nice and polite, we showed them all my safety gear and they asked us to take the fish out of the cooler, lay them on the deck so they check them. We obliged them and put the fish back in the cooler. We got a little rush though, before they left one of the police turned his back, looked in his booklet, then turned to me and said " I just checked the rules and you are not allowed to have but 4 fish in aggregate"! He must have been new to the force but he said he had been with them for 4 years. Needless to say I set him straight, he now knows that an angler can keep 4 per person per day, and that we were well under our limit. The officers were simply doing their job, and they moved on and continued checking other fisherman. Over all today was a good day, we had about 25 hook-ups, caught a bunch of Kitties, kept 12 Stripers and returned the rest to fight again.

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