Saturday, April 10, 2010

Steve Gross with guests Bob and Wayne

Sunny, Cold then turning nice, Water Temperature 67*
I hit the water early this morning for a couple reasons. First, I knew a cold front had blown through and that the bait would be tough and second it being a weekend I wanted to give myself time to catch bait, usually there are dozens of fisherman competing for bait. I hung lights on two bridges and eventually caught bait. As I was waiting for the guys I wiped frost of my boat, a little different than a couple days ago when it was 70* at 5am. We loaded up and took off to the fishing grounds. This morning you could only see about 3 planner boards away, so as it was quite the challenge to get 6 boards out on a side along with the bobber and 3 downlines. I had concerns about boat traffic also, I knew there were a couple Bass tournaments and that we would probably get run over in the fog. Fishing was slow for awhile but picked up at a controllable pace. A couple times the fog almost cleared enough to see the bobber but we would loose site of it often. As the sun peeked through the fishing got better and at one time everyone had a fish on. After about 3 hours the fish turned off so I hit another area with no success. The guys were thinking of going in but I changed their minds and told them I had one more trick up my sleeve. We got all the baits in and I relocated to another place, put some fresh baits out and proceeded to hook up with big fish. We quite when I ran out of bait, they were ready anyway to call it quits. We took some pictures and called it a day, and a great day it was. We had figured out a pattern to catch Stripers even after a major cold front on a blue bird day! We caught 20 Stripers today and released the largest to fight again. The guys kept 16 to take home.

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