Monday, April 26, 2010

Steve Gross with guests Kevin and John

Cloudy and warm, Water temperature 67* and clear.
Another tough bait morning, spent 3 hours before daylight attempting to catch decent bait with little success. Picked my clients up at 6 and went and caught 30 more nice baits and went fishing. We pulled our regular spread of 10 boards, a bobber , a couple of free lines and a few downlines over 20 foot flats. For some reason the fish were fairly lethargic, we would get lookers early but the fish did not want to fully commit to the baits. After about an hour we started taking better hits and hooking up better. We never got in to any bunches of fish but we had plenty of action to keep the guys interested although Steve was very tired and after catching the first Stripers I caught him dozing a few times. When we got back to the ramp John came up to me and said "This was the best day of fishing that I have had in 20 years". Thanks John, That makes a tough day all worth it to me. We had to come off the water early so John could clean the fish and get back to Maryland before the traffic got bad. We had 23 strikes today and the guys took a few fish home to try out.

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