Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bill, Larry, Earl, Russell, Scott and Chris

Sunny, Warm, Water Temperature 58* mid lake and 65* up.
Picked the guys up at 6:30 and went fishing. I went around to where I caught fish yesterday but one of the local yocals busted me there yesterday and was there working the same bay. I set up there anyway pulling boards and started taking hits immediately. Within a few minutes there were a couple more boats in the same area all competing for the same fish. For the first few hours we took a hit about every 10 minutes but the pressure got too much for the fish and they eventually turned off. We worked another area without any luck also. We never boated a fish after 10 am today. We had bout 25 hits and boated only 10 Stripers today. I guess we had a chance to better the stringer but it just was not in the cards today. I told Earl last night how busy the lake had been on Friday and that the fishing would not be good, I said to him if we caught 10 fish I would be surprised, and that's what we caught.

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