Friday, April 02, 2010

Jackie, Bob and Ron

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature climbing to 58* and Clear.
As usual I got out way before daylight and caught bait, picked the guys up at the marina and went fishing. Since there was so much boat traffic yesterday I decided to find an area with no boats and out of the main thoroughfare so I set up in a bay pulling boards. The morning started out pretty good, larger fish were crushing our better baits but once a few boats passed us the bite subsided. Instead of getting hookups we started getting short strikes. I knew the fish were in the area because every time I would make a pass on certain contact zones our baits would get extremely nervous and we would usually get a strike or two. The traffic kept getting worse, it actually was the busiest day on the water this year so far. We hung in there and about 11 o'clock the fish turned on a little and we started getting solid hook ups. Today we had well over 30 bites and the guys kept a few fish for the grill at the hotel tonight and a few to take home. We all wished we had booked the date on not such a busy time but the action kept us all alert and by the end of the trip it turned out to be a good day. I am not looking forward to tomorrow's boat traffic, hopefully we can load up before the weekend warriors hit the water.

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