Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amy, Carie, Sara, Breanna and Kristen

Partly Sunny and hot, Water temperature 90* and Clear.
Today was girls morning out so I caught bait early and picked the girls up at the marina at 5. Believe it or not there was very little whining this morning, a couple of the girls did not want to be up before daylight but all was well. I knew the moon was bright last night and that it may be a while before the fish would feed so I looked for larger schools. We found and set up on about 6 or 8 schools of fish before we went through 200 baits. By 8:30 the schools were well formed as can be seen on my Lowrance. That particular school at times was from 15 feet to 30 feet deep and at least 160 feet wide as can be viewed on my side scan. As you can imagine we went through the rest of baits working this school. Sara is pictured holding the largest fish of the morning.

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