Tuesday, July 26, 2011

John, Mel, Eric and Fran

Sunny and Warm, Water temperature 91* and Clear.
I caught bait then picked the guys up at the marina around 5. While I was looking for schools one of the guys asked if it was possible to catch our limits today. I told him that if they listened to me and did things my way we would definitely limit out but if they didn't listen they may have a poor day, that is how important it is to deploy the baits properly and not to set the hooks or touch the line using circle hooks. We looked for fish for about 5 minutes till I found what I wanted to see so we tried to set up on them. We started taking hits immediately and continued to for the next 45 minutes till a fish wrapped up 5 other lines. That was the end of working that school. We had hooked up with about 20 fish but only put 7 in the cooler. After cutting off a couple thumbs and retying a bunch of lines we went looking for schools again. I found a very nice school, called a friend over to them, set our baits out and started taking hits again but immediately a bass boat ran right over the fish then we got busted by 4 or 5 other boats that ran in and spooked the school. We picked our baits up and relocated again on another school just to be run over again. I decided to go away from other boats and find some fish. Within 2 minutes I located a nice school and set up on them. after catching 3 quick fish a guy in a Bass boat ran 20 yards off our bow with his big motor, turned and ran along side of us again. Naturally the school spooked and dispersed. We moved again and located a school where we did not get run over and ended up using the rest of the 200 baits that I caught this morning. We all had a great time catching fish this morning although Mel went home without a left thumb. We caught over 30 fish this morning and got off the water before it got too hot.

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Anonymous said...

I dont believe that all those "bass tracker" boats are running around you like you are saying!! I have seen you on the lake and you move in on people trolling like you own the lake. Quit your whining and get over yourself!!