Friday, July 29, 2011

Katie and Tina

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 92* and Clear.
Caught bait, picked up the girls and found a school immediately. We set up on them and called a friend to us that was in another boat. We popped a few and before we knew it other boats moved in spooking the school so we got our baits in and went elsewhere. We set up on another school but after catching a bunch of punks we made another move. I located another school with very nice size arches so we set up on them. Katie hooked up first with a very nice fish pulling drag. We were still putting baits out so I did not pay much attention to where her fish was going until I saw it in another line. Next thing we knew the fish got off. We put the rest of the baits out and Tina hooked into the largest fish of the day. She is shown holding her catch. We caught a few more fish out of the school then tried to find it again without success. We located one more school and worked it for about 45 minutes only to catch punks. By 9:30 the action was over and did not catch any other keepers. We were all glad today was only a half day trip because when we came off the water it was HOT.

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