Sunday, July 03, 2011

Streaking Striper

Here is a picture of my graph today after we went through a small school of Stripers. There are 3 screens showing on the unit, the left screen is Bottom Lock, it is showing the bottom up to 10 feet above the bottom, it is actually showing the bottom quarter of the water column and is zoomed in 3X. The middle screen is traditional sonar, 0 to 40' scale. It is showing 3 Stripers at 25 feet and one Striper streeking off the bottom coming up to hit our bait [small dotted line] just underneath our sinker [solid descending black line] at 15 '. The right screen is Structure Scan, it is showing about a dozen Stripers [White dashes] that were part of the school about 20 to 60 feet to the left of the boat. The boat is at 0 and the 20, 40, 80 is how many feet away from the boat the fish are. Most fish were in the lower left of the screen about 50' away from the boat, and in real time about 20 yards back and to the left of the boat when I shot the picture. I turned left after taking the picture and went back to the spot where we had two more hook ups.
This picture may be clicked on to see it better.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quick lesson Jim. This information should help me and other fishermen.