Thursday, July 07, 2011

Clay, David Sr., Brad, David Jr.,Parker and Ed

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 86* and clear.
Met the guys at 3:45, caught bait then at first light went looking for fish. I had already briefed the guys on how to deploy the baits and they seemed like they understood what I was talking about. I found fish immediately so we attempted to get our baits in the water but I knew we were in trouble. The problem was I had set them up on a large school of feeding Stripers and it usually takes a few times putting baits out and reeling in a couple of fish before my clients understand how to deploy and fish with circle hooks. They were going to get broken in real quick. Within the first 10 minutes we had a dozen hookups or more and the school was growing larger as we fished. Next thing we knew a "fisherman" who knows better and sees all of our rods bent over runs his big motor by us not only once but twice. Well it took about 20 seconds for my screen to go blank. My clients wanted to go after the "fisherman" but I told them to get the lines in and lets cut the school off again. We motor 200 yards, set out our baits and wore the fish out. Yea, that other "fisherman" came over to us again and after a few minutes the school dispersed. By 6:25 we had 18 keeper Stripers in the boat and had thrown away a few more. We regrouped and set up on another school that you can see in the lower picture of my Lowrance. I had just set down on the school, there are only a couple fish showing on the sonar but you can see hundreds of Stripers scattered about on my Side Scan [White dashes]. We worked on this school till we almost ran out of baits. We went and caught more bait then set up on some other schools. About 9 a old friend Ed Whitlock called me and said he had found a school of fish and to come over and help him catch some of them so we obliged him. We had 24 fish in the cooler before we went to him so I told the guys this would be our last set up. We put the baits out on the school you see in the top picture of my Lowrance and you can imagine what happened. If you look closely at my side scan the school was Enormous! The guys are pictured holding 28 Stripers we caught this morning. Plenty were released to fight again another day.

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