Friday, July 15, 2011

Brock, Taco and Wyatt

Sunny and Pleasant, Water temperature 87* and Clear.
I picked the guys up at 5 after catching bait then looked for Schools of Stripers. I found what I wanted to see so we set up on them. We caught a couple but lost the school after 4 boats ran over us. We got our baits in and found the school again. As we deployed the baits I called a friend Charlie who was leaving the marina and told him to set up about 100 yards behind me. As he got there we were hooked up and he sat down right in the middle of the school. Charlie started getting multiple hook ups as we were then the next thing we knew a pontoon had ran right in between us. Within less that 5 minutes of our first hook up 8 boats were on top of us. Trollers were trying to maneuver through us and other boats were trying to cast and fish over us all the while other boats kept boxing us in. You would have thought there was gold in these Stripers and everyone had to get in the action. It finally got too hectic to be fun so I left and went elsewhere. The main thing was my clients had fun catching fish but it would have been more enjoyable if other fisherman would have a little consideration for others. Taco had a neat camera he showed me that I am going to go buy so I can actually video some of the fun and the madness that occurs out here on the lake.

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