Sunday, July 24, 2011

Michael and Anthony

Cloudy and Showers, Water Temperature 92* and Clear.
Took the boys out for a couple hours this morning to fish and swim. We found fish immediately and worked a couple schools for about an hour then took the boys swimming. Anthony hooked this Carp on a downline. His Daddy [DP] hollered "Anthony has got a big un, probably about 12 pounds". I wanted to see that so I walked up to the front of the boat and broke the bad news to him. We were using live bait to fish with this morning, not dough balls. The boys had plenty of action and we kept a couple fish to take home for dinner tonight. These two boys have caught so many fish in the past going fishing that they believe fishing is really catching. Swimming in the lake is probably more fun and interesting to them and alot cooler than going in the 98* pool water.

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