Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rob, Heather and Bob Light

Sunny and HOT, Water temperature 89* and Clear.
I met my crew at High Point at 3:45 because they wanted to see how we catch bait. We caught 190 baits and were ready to fish by daylight. I looked on my Lowrance for a few minutes, found a school and tried to set up on it. Since it was our first set up we were a little slow getting the baits in the water so most of the school slipped out from underneath us. I called a friend Charlie to me and told him to fall in behind me 200 yards where I believed the school to be heading. He no sooner sat down and the bank lit up with sprays from Stripers blowing baits out of the water. We got our baits in and crept over to where I thought the fish would be heading and cut the school off. Another friend Jenson had been camped out throwing top water baits on the point that the school was locked into. We had the school surrounded and we all were catching fish. Unfortunately any boat that tried to pass us saw us catching fish so as usual the area got crowded real quick. I decided to leave the area hoping to pull the other fisherman away from the area so Jenson and Charlie could continue to work on the fish. I went around the corner and sat down with 2 boats following us. I made a short move, located another school and we started hooking up again. We worked that school for about an hour. I caught more bait and left that area to fish away from the boat traffic. Today was a fun morning till it got just too hot. We caught 30 fish this morning keeping only 16 Stripers for my crew to take home. When Rob booked the trip he was primarily interested in learning how and what I do to constantly put my clients on fish and I am sure he went away with a better understanding of Striper fishing on Lake Anna. Catching a bunch of fish today was just a bonus for them.

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