Friday, July 08, 2011

Carrie, Michael, Lidia, Dale and Steve

Cloudy and warm, Water Temperature 87* and clear.
Our grandson Michael is spending the week with us and has been wanting to fish and go tubing so I woke him up at 2:15 this morning to go catch bait. We caught bait and picked the rest of the crew up at High Point at 5am then went looking for schools. I found a large school immediately but it was our first set up and it was awkward for everyone to get baits in the water fast enough so we lost the school. I got back on my big motor and looked for a while until I hit a major school. We set up on it and started hooking up after getting 4 baits out. Talk about fun, it is so great watching 3 kids reeling in Stripers. It is also enjoyable watching adult kids run around the boat chasing Stripers. Our intentions were to fish for a couple hours then to pull the kids around on tubes. I found school after school and they fished until we went through 200 baits, which didn't take very long. Michael kept hooking up and was having difficulty fighting a couple fish but once he got them to the boat it was obvious his fish were pretty large fish. He is shown holding his largest of the morning and the girls and Mike are holding 3 nice fish. Everyone did great this morning and we all had a lot of fun fishing. We took a couple of pictures and then took the kids tubing for a couple of hours. I know 3 kids that will sleep well this afternoon! When we were working the schools I kept hearing Steve muttering to himself "I can't believe this, I just can't believe this." We kept some fish for the table and released the others unharmed to fight again another day.

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