Friday, July 01, 2011

Tommy Bailey with guests Lee, Jeff, Elwood, Brad and Matt

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 85* and Clear.
Met the guys at the marina at 5 after catching 200 baits. We drove about 5 minutes and set up in an area fish had been using but after 30 minutes of short hits and only 1 keeper we made a move. I ran over some fish, turned the boat around and we put our baits out and popped 3 or 4 Stripers real quick then I didn't see any more so we got back on the big motor and went looking again. We found some scattered Stripers so we set up on them and caught 6 or 8 more in about 10 minutes then the action died. We had run through 150 baits so we decided to go catch some more bait and stop by the marina to pick up some food the guys had left in their vehicles. We went back out and hit a few areas catching a fish here and there but not seeing anything I really liked. About 11 o'clock I ran over a wad of something at 25 MPH that I could not determine what it exactly was so I turned around and looked closer at it. It was a cloud of arches so tight I almost thought it was Gizzards but I told Tommy that it sure looks like Stripers so we set up on them. The time of day was right [major feed today was mid day], I had fresh bait and we proceeded to spank the school of Stripers. After going through about 75 baits the fish came up and started blowing baits out of the water. I looked over at Tommy and he was kneeling on the floor trying to stuff some more Stripers into my livewell so I had to get a quick picture of him. We worked the school till we ran completely out of baits and called it a day. Today we went through over 300 baits and caught a bunch of fish.
Tommy had contacted me a couple weeks ago and said that his son Jeff was getting married on July 3rd and the guys wanted to go fishing for a bachelor event. I told him that the Friday before the July 4th weekend would be busy and that fishing could be tough with the traffic but they elected to go out to have a good time. We all worked hard today to make this happen and what a great day it turned out to be. Elwood got married over 50 years ago on July 4th and Jeff is getting married on the 3rd.
Hopefully Jeff's marriage will turn out to last as long as Granddads.
Good Luck Jeff!

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