Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brad, Shawn, Helen, Mike and George

Cloudy and Hot, Water Temperature 88* and Clear.
Caught bait, picked my clients up at 5 at their dock and went looking for Stripers. It didn't take but a couple minutes to locate some fish so we set up on them and popped a few Stripers. The school was moving pretty fast so after about 15 minutes we reeled our baits in and relocated the school. We worked on the Stripers again until the trollers broke up the fish so we moved to an area where there wasn't a boat in sight, located some fish and proceeded to hook up again. It didn't take long to get busted by a pontoon boat but they were courteous enought to shut their motor off 100 yards away which allowed us to finish using up the rest of our 175 baits. We had 16 nice keepers by 8 o'clock but had to look for more bait. I spent an hour looking for bait without having much luck then a friend Charlie called saying he had to get off the water did I want any of his bait. My boat never ran so fast driving to him to get his remaining 50 baits. Thanks Charlie. We set up on some fish, caught a quick keeper then George hooked into a hog. It pulled drag for quite some time then all of a sudden the bait pulled out of the fishes mouth. He reeled the bait back to the boat with the hook turned into the baits head. We worked the area for 15 more minutes then I went looking for some more fish. Within a minute I ran over the largest school that I have seen this year. We put our baits out and used up every remaining bait we had working on that school. This is the second year I have taken this crew out fishing while they were on their vacation at the lake. Last year one of them fell backwards into my bait tank, this year I wanted to drown one of them in the tank. Hope you don't read this Shawn!

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