Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Megan, Jeff, John, Max, Andy and Sarah

Cloudy and Humid, Water Temperature 88* and clear.
We caught bait this morning then went looking for Stripers. We hit 3 or 4 areas catching a couple Stripers early this morning before finding a huge school. As we were setting up on them I called John on the radio to come over and help. Megan hooked up with her hog [Shown in picture] and we caught a couple more before the school moved on. John and I hop-scotched this school for about an hour. This was the fastest moving school either one of us have ever seen. We would no sooner set up on it before it was 200 yards ahead of us. I would run through the school, set up 200 yards ahead of it and barely get our baits in the water before we would get hits. We ended up working about 8 groups of fish this morning catching fish everywhere we went. We went through 300 baits catching a variety of fish. We caught about a dozen Cats, 3 Bass and about 25 Stripers. Sarah is shown holding one of the Bass she caught today. This will be a day of fishing everyone will never forget.

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